Sabine und Michael

A natural, cultural approach


Teacher's Book Level 1 or Level 2: $40

Blackline CD Level 1 or Level 2: $40

Student Workbooks Level 1 or Level 2: $16

Hilde und Günter Reader Level 1 or Level 2: $6

Songs for Sabine und Michael CD Level 1 or Level 2: $12

TPR/TPRS im Klassenzimmer DVD set: $25

Echter Unterricht; Echte Lernzeit DVD: $10

Discount for orders over 20: Contact Michael Miller

iBook versions:

Teacher's Book Level 1 or Level 2: $19.99

Student Workbook Level 1 or Level 2: $7.99

Hilde und Günter Reader Level 1 or Level 2: $3.99

Sample shipping costs:

Complete set Level 1 or 2 (Teacher's Book, Blackline CD, Student Workbook, Hilde und Günter reader, Songs CD): $17

Complete set both levels: $20

1 Teacher's Book or 1 Student Workbook: $8

1 Teacher's Book with Blackline CD: $8

1 CD or 1 DVD: $3

1 reader: $2

Up to 20 readers: $8

For larger class sets, you can guess about 15% of the cost for shipping. I won't know the exact cost until I weigh the order and find out where it is being shipped.

Bargain Basement:

5 Teacher's Books Level 2. New, but pre-2016 update. $30 each.

11 Student Workbooks Level 1. Slightly bent corners. $8 each.

To order these books, contact me first to see that they are still available. Then on the order form, just cross out the regular price and put in the price you see above with a short note to the side stating "bargain basement."

A note about iBooks:

All iBooks have free sample chapters.

The Student Workbook is essentially an exercise book with places for students to take notes, write out stories and do a few assignments. This was difficult to put into electronic format. Check out the free sample chapter to see if this format would work for your classes. There is a special bonus: The iBooks version of the Student Workbooks include a Blühende Geschichte for each chapter as well as word searches instead of Wörterbuch pages.

The Blackline CD is not available as an iBook.

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