Sabine und Michael

A natural, cultural approach

G-4-1 Blühende Geschichte                                        G-4-5 Blühende Geschichte

G-4-2 Blühende Geschichte                                        G-4-6 Blühende Geschichte

G-4-3 Blühende Geschichte                                        G-4-7 Blühende Geschichte

G-4-4 Blühende Geschichte                                        G-4-8 Blühende Geschichte

G-4 Click for Melanie Bruyers' Learning Targets

G-4 Preliminary Notes. Click for a sample of what I show students.

G-4-1. If Sabine und Michael were a bit younger, I'd have them carry these Schultüten and these elementary school-    

style Schultaschen to school. In any case, good cultural note.

G-4-2. Click for a handy site on the German school system. Note: 13th grade in the Gymnasium seems to be phasing out.

G-4-2. Click for another handy site about the German school system. I should also note that many schools in former East Germany use a different system with a Sekundarschule from 5th to 10th grade.

G-4-2. Click for a video that shows the German school system as explained by a German in English.

G-4-2. Klassenzimmer. Typical 2-person desks. Chalkboards still very common.

G-4-1 Schultasche. Video Tag: Was habe ich in der Schultasche?

G-4-2. Click for Melanie Bruyers' story.

G-4-3. Click to hear a song Michael would sing about his abusive teacher!

G-4-3. Click to hear Falco's Nie Mehr Schule

G-4-3. Click for Melanie Bruyers' story.

G-4-2 Stundenplan. Click for a handy site to create a Stundenplan like the

one below. Great idea for homework. Note: German schools are getting away from Saturday classes.

G-4-3. Mensch! Das ist ja ein Lineal!

G-4-4. Click for Melanie Bruyers' story.

G-4-4. This is Brigitte in Frau Schulz' Math class!

G-4-4. Hasst. Click for Rammstein's Du Hasst Mich. I don't care for the darkness of the song, but my students enjoy this when I teach hasst.

G-4-5. An attempt at explaining how to tell time in German.

G-4-5 Click for a very traditional lesson on telling time in German. Also has cardinal and ordinal numbers.

G-4-5. Religion. Click for Wiki's short article on teaching religion in schools. Scroll down.

G-4-6. Brennt. Hurra! Hurra! Die Schule brennt by Extrabreit. Very 80's!

G-4-5 Click for Melanie Bruyers' story.

G-4-5. Click for a tutoring sheet.

G-4-5. So ein Pech!

G-4-6. Religion in der Schule!

G-4-6 Bleibt sitzen. Click to read an article from Spiegel about this issue.

G-4-6. Bleibt sitzen. Click to read an article from Die Zeit about this issus.

G-4-6. Click for a tutoring sheet.

G-4-7 Ich bin ein Musikante.

G-4-7. Kunst. Click to hear the song Nie Wieder Kunst by the EAV. It's an old song but hilarious.

G-4-7. Kunst. Click for a website about famous German artists.

G-4-7. Click for a tutoring sheet.

G-4-7. Flustert. In a modern sort of way.

G-4-7 Besteht die Prüfung.

G-4-7. Klatscht. We have adopted this into English.

G-4. Click for Wiki's description of the Abitur.

G-4-8. Zeugnis. Click for a funny video about parent conferences.

G-4-8. Click for a tutoring sheet.

G-4-6 Extended Reading.

G-4-8. Zeugnis. What to do about bad grades?

G-4-8. Zeugnis. Michael's supposed report card.

G-4. Click for my Unit Review sheet.

G-4. Click for a self-assessment rubric.

G-4 Click for a simple sheet of review questions.

G-4. Sample oral.

Below is a sample oral from one of my students. I really like the richness of the langauge he usues and the fact that a few things go wrong in the video but they don't phase him at all. His language ability even in the 7th grade is sufficient to carry him through.

G-4. The reading Schmiere is loosely based on Grease.

G-4-2. Click for a tutoring sheet.

G-4-3. Click for a tutoring sheet.

G-4-4. Click for a tutoring sheet.