Sabine und Michael

A natural, cultural approach

G-7-1 Blühende Geschichte                                        G-7-5 Blühende Geschichte

G-7-2 Blühende Geschichte                                        G-7-6 Blühende Geschichte

G-7-3 Blühende Geschichte                                        G-7-7 Blühende Geschichte

G-7-4 Blühende Geschichte                                        G-7-8 Blühende Geschichte

G-7 Click for Melanie Bruyers' learning targets

G-7-1, G-7-2, G-7-3 Click for Melanie Bruyers' Skeletal Stories

G-7 Preliminary notes. Click for a portion of my preliminary notes.

G-7-1. Click for Biljana Gorgioska's Powerpoint.

G-7-1. Click for Biljana Gorgioska's Powerpoint with "werden".

G-7-1. Was darf es sein? Click for a sample scene. Unfortunately it's at a bar and not a bakery.

G-7-1. Die Bäckerin. Click for an odd, slightly suggestive song about a guy in love with the baker lady.

G-7-1. Brezel.

G-7-1. Tasche/Tüte.

G-7-1. Bernd das Brot. There is a whole series of these. Look up Bernd das Brot on YouTube.

G-7-1 Brötchen. Click for an odd "puppet" show to the tune of the Macarena but instead they sing "Margarine."

G-7-1. Riecht. Click for Rammstein's Du riechst so gut.

G-7-2. Hat Angst (vor). I like to play this near Halloween.

G-7-2. Click for Biljana Gorgioska's Powerpoint.

G-7-2. Wurst. This is definitely the Wurst.

G-7-1. Bäcker. How cool is this? The Bäcker Rap!

G-7-2. Fleisch. Here is an entry from Wiki.

Pork, beef and poultry are the main varieties of meat consumed in Germany, with pork being the most popular. The average person in Germany will consume up to 33 kg. (72 lbs.) of meat in a year. Among poultry, chicken is most common, although duck, goose and turkey are also enjoyed. Game meats, especially boar, rabbit and venison are also widely available all year round. Lamb and goat are also available, but are not as popular. Meat is usually pot-roasted; pan-fried dishes also exist, but these recipes usually originate from France. Throughout Germany, meat is very often eaten as sausages. There are more than 1500 different types of sausage (Wurst in Germany.)

G-7-2. Metzgerei.

G-7-2. Wurst. Click for an interesting blog.

G-7-2. Wurst . . . zur Gesundheit!

G-7-3. Click for Biljana Gorgioska's Powerpoint.

G-7-3. Wiegt. Click for an ad showing weighing.

G-7-3. Wiegt. Click for a handy metric converter.

G-7-3. Zeitung. Click for the FAZ.

G-7-3. Zeitung. Click for the SDZ.

G-7-3. Zeitung. Click for die Welt.

G-7-3. Zeitung. Click for FR.

G-7-3. Zeitschrift. Click for Spiegel.

G-7-3. Zeitschrift. Click for Fokus.

G-7-3. Zeitschrift. Click for Stern.

G-7-3. Zeitschrift. Click for Bild.

G-7-3. Zahlen. Click for a funny montage of politicians talking about large sums of money!

G-7-4. Marktstand. There is a series of these short clips on YouTube showing different stands at the market. Well worth looking up.

G-7-4 Extended Reading. Click for the worm song.

G-7-4. Obst. Love this!

G-7-5. Zwiebel. Very odd Burger King commercial.

G-7-5. Mohrrübe. My understanding is that Mohrrüben are the normal, long, skinny ones and Karotten are the short, stubby ones. Practically speaking it doesn't really matter.

G-7-5. Extended reading.

G-7-5. Click for Melanie Bruyers' Skeletal Story.

G-7-5. Gurke. Click for a very odd heavy metal song!

G-7-5. Gemüse. Click for animated vegetables.

G-7-6. Quark. Click for Quark HQ by den Ärzten.

G-7-6. Saft. Click for a silly commercial.

G-7-6. Ei. Click for a very bizarre clip about egg murder!

G-7-6. Sicher. Click for a techno song called Sicher Sein.

G-7-6. Supermarkt. Click for a Mr. Bean cartoon. The cartoon has minimal dialog. Great for movie talk!

G-7-6. Supermarkt. Click for a video on how a body-builder goes shopping. It shows Quark briefly, but it shows smoking at the end. Since when do bodybuilders smoke?

G-7-6. Quark. Click for Wiki's description of Quark.

G-7-6. Quark. Click for a way to make Quark at home.

G-7-6. Käse. A cute commercial!

G-7-6. Ei. Another cute commercial!

Click for the song Schokolade by Deine Freunde. Video shows a lot of food items . . . and when you think about it, chocolate comes from beans, making it a pure vegetable. It MUST be healthy!

G-7-7 Lebensmittel. Click for the Edeka theme song: Wir lieben Lebensmittel!

G-7-7. Irgendwas. Click for the song Irgendwas Bleibt by Silbermond.

G-7-7. Eilig. Click for the song: Wenn du eilig hast, dann gehe langsam. Strangely hypnotic.

G-7-7. Müsli.

G-7-7. Einkaufen. Good review lesson.

G-7-7. Schachtel.

G-7-8. Gefängnis. Click for Michael Jackson's song They Don't Really Care About Us.

G-7-8. Ohnmächtig. Click for a compilation.

G-7-8. Click for a powerpoint on Kennt/Erkennt.

G-7-8 Gefängnis. Lustig!

G-7 Oral Project. My own students. Brilliant!

G-7. Never let politics get in the way of food!

G-7. Click for a review sheet.

G-7. Click for another review sheet.

Hilde und Günter. Click for a powerpoint to accompany das Vorzeichen.

G-7 Alternative oral. Click for an idea to use native speakers to do a role-play of the marketplace.

Click for price tags

Click for price tags