Sabine und Michael

A natural, cultural approach

G-1-1  Click for Biljana Gorgioska's Powerpoint

G-1-2  Click for Biljana Gorgioska's Powerpoint

G-1-3  Click for Biljana Gorgioska's Powerpoint

G-1-5  Click for Biljana Gorgioska's Powerpoint

G-1-6  Click for Biljana Gorgioska's Powerpoint

G-1-7  Click for Biljana Gorgioska's Powerpoint

G-1  Click for Melanie Bruyers' learning targets

G-1-1  Click for a story by Melanie Bruyers

G-1  Click for Kathrin Walter's website with G-1 vocabulary plus review videos. Highly recommended!

Note: I used to mention ladies not shaving, but that has not been the case in the last few decades. Please delete this from the curriculum and replace any discussion with a more relevant topic.

G-1-3 Body parts

Click for a handy Swiss website

Click for the homepage for Körperwelten

(not recommended for younger students)

G-1-4  die Zahlen

Click for a handy site on German numbers

Click for another site to practice numbers

G-1-5  die Kleidung

Goethe Institut poster you can order for your classroom.

G-1-6  Gähnt!

G-1-6  Erbrecht euch!

Click for Fox and Crow fable

G-1-6  Rapunzel

Click for Melanie Bruyers' Rapunzel story

Click for Melanie Bruyers' prince and frog story

Click for Melanie Bruyers' parent story

G-1-7  Positions Rhyme

Click for Melanie Bruyers's Old lady and the fly story

Click for a very simplified version of the Bremer Stadtmusikanten. Good for animals and culture!

G-1-8  Geografie

Delightful parodies!

G-1-8  Oktoberfest

Click for the "official Oktoberfest website

Click for an old website worksheet.

Below are a couple of review videos