Sabine und Michael

A natural, cultural approach

G-10-1 Blühende Geschichte                                        G-10-5 Blühende Geschichte

G-10-2 Blühende Geschichte                                        G-10-6 Blühende Geschichte

G-10-3 Blühende Geschichte                                        G-10-7 Blühende Geschichte

G-10-4 Blühende Geschichte                                        G-10-8 Blühende Geschichte

G-10. Click for Melanie Bruyers' learning targets.

G-10-1. Komödie. I hope you are not too offended. Comedy can sometimes offend!

G-10-1. Hast du Lust. Click for Michelle's song.

G-10-1. Krimi. This is in English, but it really brilliant.

G-10-1. Kino. Click for a site listing the best German movies.

G-10-1. Kino. Click for a similar list.

G-10-1. Kino. Click for the official web page.

G-10-1. Kino. Click to find what's playing!

G-10-1. Liebesfilm. Click for Otto, der Liebesfilm. Okay, it's a comedy, but it's a "meet the parents" moment found in many romantic stories.

G-10-1. Liebesfilm. Click for Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel. Dated. Low tech. But a great iteration of the classic story.

G-10-1. Science-Fiction-Film. Click for an old war-era film.

G-10-1. Horrorfilm. Click for a campy trailer.

G-10-1. Trickfilm. Click for Walter Moer's Adolf in der Bonker. Warning: Cartoonish nudity.

G-10-1. Kriegsfilm. Click for a trailer.

G-10-1. Abenteuer Film

G-10-1. Komödie. Dinner for One. This is only for culture. Many Germans watch an old British comedy skit in English on New Year's Eve. It's quite a tradition.

G-10-2. Strand (and lustig). This old song was really popular when I worked as a waiter in Niendorf am Ostsee.

G-10-2. Strand (and lustig). If your students love this song, click for a karaoke version!

G-10-2. Strand. This is where I worked!

G-10-2. Click for the website for Niendorf am Ostsee.

G-10-2. Strand. Click for a clip of Niendorf.

G-10-2. Strand. Niendorf am Ostsee.

G-10-2. Zoologischer Garten.

G-10-2. Zoologischer Garten. Niendorf boasts a really nice Vogelpark. If I remember right, they have the world's largest collection of owls. Click to see.

G-10-3. Strandkorb.

G-10-3. Meer und Windsurfen.

G-10-3. Strandkorb.

G-10-3. Click for FKK info. Warning: Only for adult classes!

G-10-3. Sandburg. Click for a fantastic video!

G-10-3. Ferienhaus. Doesn't show the house but it's too cute to pass up.

G-10-3. Ferienhaus. Click for a useful web site.

G-10-3. Click for Melanie Bruyers' 3 Pigs story.

G-10-4. Faulenzen.

G-10-4. Luftmatratze.

G-10-4. Trampen. Click for a short clip.

G-10-4. Camping. Click for a handy site.

G-10-4. Wandern. Click for a handy site.

G-10-4. Reiten. Click for a handy site.

G-10-4. Segeln. Click for a handy site.

G-10-4. Segeln. Click for another handy site.

G-10-4. Drachenfliegen. Movie talk idea.

G-10-4. Zelten.

G-10-3. Sonnencreme benutzen.

G-10-5. Bauernhof. Click for a video. There is a whole series of these. This is the type of vacation Sabine wants.

G-10-5. Bauernhof.

G-10-5. Ente. Click for Alle Meine Entchen by the Wise Guys. Warning: Contains an F-bomb. Otherwise it's a fun song. Perhaps you could get a tech-savvy student to edit out that word.

G-10-5. Esel. Click for a simplified version of the Bremer Stadtmusikanten. Great culture! Great practice!

G-10-5. Esel. Click for the song der Kuckuck und der Esel.

G-10-5. Click for the song Keine Milch im Kuhstahl.

G-10-5. Melken. Click for an off-color joke.

G-10-5. Melken. Click for another off-color joke.

G-10-5. Melken. Click for another off-color joke.

G-10-5. Bauernhof. This was used in one of the stories.

G-10-6. Ohrfeige.

G-10-6. Reden ist Silber. Schweigen ist Gold.

G-10-6. Schifahren. Hermann Maier. "The Hermanator"

G-10-6. Schilaufen. Click for a list of Austrian skiers.

G-10-6. Schilaufen.

Click for a list of German skiers.

G-10-6. Schilaufen. Click for a list of Swiss skiers.

G-10-6. Schlittschuh laufen.

G-10-7. Löwe.

G-10-7. Löwe. Click for a clip from the Lion King.

G-10-7. Schlange. Click for a clip from the Dschungelbuch.

G-10-7. Nashorn. Click for a tasteless but funny clip.

G-10-7. Vogel.

G-10-7. Nashorn.

G-10-7. Schlange.

G-10-8. Flusspferd.

G-10-8. Strauß.

G-10-8. Affe. Click for National Geographic's teenage monkeys.

G-10-8. Affe. Click for funny realistic (but fake) video: Affe mit  Waffe!

G-10-8. Affe. Click for Peter Fox' song: Stadt Affe.

G-10-8. Affe. Click for river dancing Affen!

G-10-8. Affe. Click for another dancing Affe!

G-10-8. Krokodil.

G-10. Click for the inspiration for the reading in the student workbook.

G-10. Click for the other inspiration for the reading in the student workbook.

Das Kleine Küken Piept

I made a series of videos dealing with gender and case. It's a bit weird and my pronunciation is off, but some find it easier to understand than a traditional approach. Click for powerpoint to accompany.