Sabine und Michael

A natural, cultural approach

G-9-1 Blühende Geschichte                                        G-9-5 Blühende Geschichte

G-9-2 Blühende Geschichte                                        G-9-6 Blühende Geschichte

G-9-3 Blühende Geschichte                                        G-9-7 Blühende Geschichte

G-9-4 Blühende Geschichte                                        G-9-8 Blühende Geschichte

G-9. Click for Melanie Bruyers' learning targets

G-9 Preliminary notes. Click for a sample what what I show students.

G-9-1. Bahnhof. Flash mob prank at the Munich Hauptbahnhof.

G-9-1. Zug. Click for a long, but potentially useful video from the cabin of an ICE.

G-9-1. Zug. Click for another presentation of the ICE.

G-9-1. Click for the official DB website.

G-9-1. Packt den Koffer.

G-9-1. Koffer. Click for Marlene Dietrich's classic: Einen Koffer in Berlin.

G-9-1. Reise. Click for Rammstein's Reise, Reise.

G-9-1. Bahnhof. My own pics of the Münchner Hbh.

G-9-2. Rucksack.

G-9-2. Click for the Vienna public transportation link.

G-9-2. Jugendherberge. Click for a handy website of youth hostels in Vienna

G-9-2. Altstadt. Click for one of Vienna's tourist information sites.

G-9-2. Altstadt. Click for another handy site about Vienna.

G-9-2. Straßenbahn. Click for a link to the Vienna streetcar map.

G-9-2. Tageskarte.

G-9-2. Tageskarte.

G-9-2. Straßenbahn. Schön und modern!

G-9-2. Click for another video of the Vienna Straßenbahn. It really is more modern, I promise!

G-9-2. Jugendherberge.

G-9-3. Imbissstube. Deliciously sarcastic!

G-9-3. Döner Song. My students love this one!

G-9-3. Imbissstube. Click for another Döner song.

G-9-3. Imbissstube. Click for another Döner song.

G-9-3. Imbissstube. Click for another Döner song.

G-9-3. Senf. Click for a weird video from Wetten Dass.

G-9-3. Senf. Click for a disturbing cartoon.

G-9-3. Kirche. Click for the Stephansdom website.

G-9-3. Rathaus. Click for a site about Vienna's City Hall. Note the webcams on that site.

G-9-3. Fußgängerzone. Click for a handy website about the pedestrian zone. The Fußgängerzone in Wien has a walk of the stars like Hollywood, but music oriented.

G-9-3. Museum. Click for a site listing museums.

G-9-3. Universität. Click for the official website of the University of Vienna.

G-9-4. Stadtplan. I like the old map as it clearly shows the old city walls.

G-9-4. Briefmarke.

G-9-4. Ansichtskarte.

G-9-4. Schild.

G-9-4. Post. Click for the official website of the Austrian Post Office.

G-9-4. This has been a troublesome chapter for me since it has grown out-of-date twice (I used to have Marks exchanged for Schillings, then went to traveler's cheques. Both are now outdated). Click for my latest version. If you email me from your school website (so I can verify you are a teacher and not a student), I will send you the quiz I am using with this new version.

G-9-5. Heuriger.

G-9-5. Heurige. Click for an excellent video.

G-9-5. Heurige. Click for a website.

G-9-5. Heurige. Click for another website.

G-9-5. Heurige. Click for the song: Ein Wiener Sonntag beim Heurigen.

G-9-5. Fiaker.

G-9-5. Fiaker. Click for a booking website.

G-9-5. Fiaker. This is totally silly, but I love this clip from Top Secret.

G-9-5. Ratskeller. Click for the website of the Wiener Rathauskeller.

G-9-5. Café. Click for a good historical description.

G-9-5. Kneipe. Click for a song.

G-9-5. Fiaker.

G-9-5. Sternschnuppe.

G-9-5. Sternschnuppe.

G-9-5 Extended Story.

G-9-6. Tagebuch.

G-9-6. Sachertorte.

G-9-6. Hotel Sacher.

G-9-6. Sachertorte. Click for a video on preparing the Torte.

G-9-6. Sacher. Click for the official website.

G-9-6. Sachertorte. Click for the official website.

G-9-6. Sachertorte. Click for a recipe.

G-9-6. Sacher. Click for a video on decoration choices.

G-9-7. Vergnügunspark. Wiener Prater.

G-9-7. Vergnügungs-

park. Click for the official Prater website.

G-9-7. Riesenrad.

G-9-7. Riesenrad. Click for the official website for the Wiener Riesenrad.

G-9-7. Achterbahn.

G-9-7. Schloss. Schönbrunn.

G-9-7. U-Bahn. Click for a very handy site about the subway system.

G-9-7. Schloss. Click for the official Schönbrunn web site.

G-9-8. Haltestelle.

G-9-8. Benzin.

G-9-8. Tankstelle.

G-9-8. Strauß.

G-9-8 Wald. Click for the Wienerwald Restaurant.

G-9-8 Wald. Click for a tourist site of the Wienerwald.

G-9-8. Wald. Click for Johann Strauß' Geschichten der Wienerwald.

G-9-8. Johann Strauß. Click for Wiki's description.

G-9-8. Benzin. Click for a site that gives the relative price of gasoline.

G-9-8. Musik. Vienna has always been a mecca for music.

G-9. Click for a review sheet.

Hilde und Günter. Click for a powerpoint to accompany die Entführung.

Click for a funny commercial featuring Sissi.

G-9. The reading in the workbook is based on this movie (in German: Ein Ticket für zwei).

G-9 Orals. Click for a new way to do the orals with a simulation using native speakers.

Click for blue errands.

Click for blue places.

Click for green errands.

Click for green places.

Click for red errands.

Click for red places.

Click for yellow errands.

Click for yellow places.