Sabine und Michael

A natural, cultural approach

G-6-1 Blühende Geschichte                                        G-6-5 Blühende Geschichte

G-6-2 Blühende Geschichte                                        G-6-6 Blühende Geschichte

G-6-3 Blühende Geschichte                                        G-6-7 Blühende Geschichte

G-6-4 Blühende Geschichte                                        G-6-8 Blühende Geschichte

G-6-4 Blühende Geschichte alternative

G-6. Click for Melanie Bruyers' Learning Targets.

G-6. Click for Melanie Bruyers' Skeletal Stories.

G-6 Preliminary notes. Click for a list of what I show students.

Click for a fun review story I do at the beginning of Level 2.

G-6-1. Schaufensterpuppen. Creepy video!

G-6-1. Schaufensterpuppen. Updated version of the last video.

G-6-1. Teenager Schaufensterpuppe!

G-6-1. Eifersüchtig. Click for Rammstein's video. Warning: Very dark.

G-6-2. Dirndl.

G-6-2. Dirndl.

G-6-2. Lederhose!

G-6-2. Handschuhe.

G-6-2. Handschuh.

G-6-2. Zieht sich an.

G-6-2. Strumpfe.

G-6-3. Krawatte richtig binden.

G-6-3. Anzug.

G-6-4. Ich scherze nur. Considered one of the earliest broadcast April Fools Jokes.

G-6-4. Mantel.

G-6-4. Ich scherze nur. Ein sehr schlechter Scherz!

G-6-4. Es tut mir leid.

G-6-4. Welche Größe trägst du?

G-6-4. Turnschuhe.

G-6-4 Extended Story.

G-6-4. Turnschiuhe. These are the shoes that were stolen in the delightful movie "Holes."

G-6-5. Birkenstock ad.

G-6-5. Altmodisch

G-6-5 Extended story.

G-6-6. Unterwäsche!

G-6-6. Click for C&A's web site.

G-6-6. Click for H&M's web site.

G-6-6 Click for KaDeWe's web site.

Click for a short description of sales taxes in Germany.

Click for a currency


G-6-5. Click for the Birkenstock website.

G-6-7. Schmuckladen. Click for a German site.

G-6-7. Click for a handy site about German shopping.

G-6-7. Click for Wiki's description of sales events.

G-6-8. Click for a handy site on store hours.

G-6-8. Click for a story from Melanie Bruyers.

G-6. Click for a review Powerpoint by Biljana Gorgioska.

G-6. Click for my test preparation sheet.

Click for my powerpoint of Langenscheidt's Oktoberfest (Helmut Müller reader series)

Hilde und Günter. Click for a powerpoint to accompany der Rock.

G-6 Click for a cultural reading to review clothing.

G-6-7. Schmuck!

G-6 Oral Project. This was made by two of my students. The video may not have fancy scripts or special effect, but notice how naturally these boys interact with each other. This is what fluency is all about. These were 8th graders with only one year and six weeks of German!

G-6 Oral Project. I found another nice project from a different school. Great editing. Supportive parents. Nice job!

G-6-4. Click for a handy size conversion chart.

G-6-8 Affe klaut Schmuck!

G-6-4. Wie viel kostet es?

G-6-2. Strumpfhose. Click for the Strumphosetanz!

G-6 Alternative Oral. Click for another idea to do the oral as a role-play with native speakers.

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